The Birthday – a potlatch of conversation and coincidence

Please feel free to pop-in during the Open Times when convenient.

Join me for a cup of tea and some cake or, if you would like, bring along a personal contribution to add to the event.

JPEG LEAFLET FINALYou can bring things to leave for the duration of the exhibition or to ‘exhibit’ during your visit.
If you would like to plan a specific time to come, in advance, that is great too.
Some people are arranging a time if they have something in particular they would like to bring or an activity to share, so that it is less likely to clash with someone else’s contribution.

Though clashes aren’t necessarily a bad thing or something to be avoided!……………..

All your contributions are welcome: whether poems, paintings, objects, music (‘ live ‘, on vinyl or digital/ CD ), readings or performances.Anything with a link to ‘birthday’ or celebration.Thoughts on giving, receiving, sharing and exchange are all relevant; daft, personal, poignant, political or informative………

Bring them along to a ‘potlatch’ of conversation, coincidence and action

If you can’t get to Oxfordshire, join me on Skype, Twitter @sangrownun, Periscope or by phone (or maybe even write me a letter……)


Oxfordshire Artworks 2017