A Disturbing Pre-Occupation


A series of  investigations / interventions during an intermittent, temporary occupation of  Crouch Hill, Banbury, Oxfordshire  as research practice for MA Fine Art Digital 2016.

This video may put things into some sort of perspective 

A selection of interventions  is shown below

In no particular order……..

May Day:

A series of performances and interactions, broadcast from dawn till dusk, responding to local myth, personal reflections and experiences of May Day.


St George’s Day 23rd April 2016:

Readings and music broadcast on St George’s Day, 2016

Let England Shake – PJ Harvey 2011  

Kingdom Come – Chapter One (excerpt) – The St George’s Cross – JG Ballard 2006

England in Ribbons –  Chris Wood and Hugh Lupton 2006

I am Albion  – 2015 poem by  Bob Hill, ‘local’ poet and writer

Another Imperial Day – New Model Army 2005

The Book of Common Prayer 1552/1558 version – 5th Sunday in Advent, Collect, Epistle and Gospel

International newspapers (23rd April  2015)

Siegfried Sassoon Diaries 1915-1918 –ed. Rupert Hart Davies 1983  [entries for 23rd April]

Ederlezi – Goran Bregovic 1988   

Albion – Baby Shambles 2005

This is England – The Clash 1985  (2010 World Cup version)


13th June:

Melting candles, (it was raining) to create a ‘wax tablet’ print of the eath at the summit of Crouch Hill.

I was unaware that, simultaneously, people around the world were lighting candles as a memorial to a massacre at an Orlando nightclub.

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It’s a Poor Sort of Memory:

Lewis Carroll plays with and references time, space and uses non-linear story-telling within the main narrative. Logic and ambiguity exist together.

Local Historians:

Two local historians share archive material and memories of Crouch HIll Oxfordshire with a Perisicope live-stream audience.

Another time, Another place:

An interaction sharing personal archive material via Periscope app. from my intermittent and temporary occupation in a tent on Crouch Hill, Oxfordshire, following an coincidental conversation during a previous interaction.


Rolling eggs:

Quakerism, chocolate, local trade, the relevance of eggs, spring festivals in global culture  were discussed.The topical issue of necessity to reference  Easter and Christianity in ‘seasonal chocolate egg marketing’ were also included in the topics of conversation.

Cadbury’s Creme Eggs were rolled – the new chocolate recipe!

The Yes and No Game : Time and Space:

Playing the game with a live-stream audience, with some interesting coincidences.

Screen Shot 2016-05-21 at 12.37.44

Ordnance Survey: Installation:

Ordnance Survey (2015) copyP1040558

Reading from John Rusher: Crouch-Hill: A descriptive poem, with some account of the sieges of Banbury Castle, in the Reign of Charles the First, &c.


Ordnance Survey - action documentation ( 2016) copy

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