Interaction with Wave: Bonn Square, Oxford  

Wave : a LiveDigitalDesign collaboration for Oxford Christmas Light Festival 2017

Sound Light Installation,  Sculpture – Joe Fairweather-Hole,

Audio Composition – Dave Meckin  following the collaboration in  2017 Norway

Audience interaction – Rhiannon Evans


Photogram documentation


Audience interaction 



Wave: Joseph  Fairweather Hole

 ‘A timber wave breaking on the stone monument emitting a whispered conversation and sound, building to a cacophony of noise, then, subsiding to a susurration. Lights illuminate the nest casting shadows that play across the floor surrounding the structure. Borne on the haphazard wave, a transparent vessel carries miniature figures and the narrative of local and international communities into the future.’   Joe Fairweather Hole

In Association with Ian Nolan Events, with special thanks to Oxford City Council, Pitt Rivers Museum, Oxford Wood Recycling, Voices Unlimited, Ocean Networks Canada and Colin Potter.

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