My work focuses on the creation, re- mediation, re-animation and transmission of personal and collective archives – in physical, digital and embodied forms ;

I’m particularly interested in the relationships within and between these and the things and the spaces they inhabit.

The rational and irrational and how they rub together seem to be visible in my work.

Recent developments have focused on a more material practice , using drawing, photograms, auto-ethnographical text, small-scale 3 D collage and glass sculpture to make dynamic, developing, variable, non-linear, unbound and fragmented archival series.

I am exploring the surreal architectural spaces formed using endoscopy video and 3D CG Software

My practice has previously been primarily performative and sociable, creating intimate events that celebrate and create private and collective contemporary folklore. 

I usually choose to work with happenstance audiences across local and on-line landscapes, encouraging contingency, spontaneity and playfulness.

I often used simple constructed or everyday objects with actions, conversation, coincidence and chance to explore private and public relational space.


I have a professional background in commercial botanical science field and laboratory research and development ( plant breeding) and as a consulting medical herbalist.

I lectured, tutored  and facilitated workshops in a range of biological science and health related contexts.

I  have ethnographic experience and oral history training.

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