My work focuses on the creation, re- mediation, re-animation and transmission of personal and collective archives – in physical, digital and embodied forms ; and the relationships within and between these.

I am interested in how the various forms ‘act’ with some reference to Bruno Latour’s Actor Network Theory

My practice has previously been primarily socially-engaged, creating intimate events that celebrate and create private and collective contemporary folklore; often using simple constructed or everyday objects with actions, conversation, coincidence and chance to explore private and public relational space: working with happenstance audiences within local and on-line landscapes, encouraging contingency, spontaneity and playfulness.

Recent developments in my material practice have focused on the re-mediation and re-formation of documentation and archival images; using drawing, photograms, auto-ethnographical text, small-scale 3 D collage and glass sculpture to make dynamic, developing, variable, non-linear, unbound and fragmented archival series.

Surreal architectural spaces are formed  which I explored using an endoscope and recorded through video . 


Prior to developing fine art practice my professional background was in commercial botanical science field and laboratory research and development ( plant breeding) and as a consulting medical herbalist. I also lectured, tutored  and facilitated workshops in a range of biological science and health related contexts.

I  have ethnographic experience and oral history training,

I strive for advocacy, agency and authorship of participants and collaborators in all projects.

I aim to form trusting, safe professional relationships with local communities.

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